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EMZ is a multiplayer mod for Doom 3 that adds a whole host of options to the game to make it more fun to play, much more configurable and addresses many of the shortcomings of the standard game. Details on the latest release can be found here.

17 March 2013

EMZ 1.40 Beta 2

I have uploaded the second beta release of EMZ 1.40 to the new server. The required files should auto download when you join the server.

A changelog is available in this forum thread.

2 March 2013

EMZ 1.40 Beta 1

I have uploaded the first beta release of EMZ 1.40 to a new server (the old server has died and the hosting company isn't responding). The required files should auto download when you join the server.

A changelog is available in this forum thread.

5 May 2010

Server Host

The official EMZ server is being migrated to a new server host and will not be fully available for a few days.

4 August 2009

Find Player

To make it easier to track players you can now search by player GUID on the Find Player page.

2 May 2009

Official EMZ Game Server

I've just found an error in the game server's config which was preventing downloads of files in the EMZ folder! This has been corrected, so maybe a few more random players may drop by now!

15 Apr 2009

the-emz.com Forums

I've had to put an extra email confirmation stage on forum registrations to prevent the growing number of spam accounts being created. I'll look at upgrading to phpbb 3.0.4 later this week to see if that can help out.

1 Jan 2009

the-emz.com Official EMZ (USA) 1.31a

I'm afraid the second "official" EMZ server is going off line. The host has recently doubled their prices and is physically relocating hosting to Texas instead of Washington DC. For the amount of use that this server gets it isn't worth keeping on at that cost. The EU server will remain.

12 October 2008

Player Ranks Corrected

The "All Maps" player ranks have been wrong for a couple of weeks. Thanks to  .50| Kev for noticing that some of the middle-ranking players were being listed in the wrong order.

20 September 2008

Match Results

Finally got round to updating the match results database. Matches from May 27 through September 19 have been added, and the ELO rankings have been updated :D

4 August 2008


EMZ is closed for the summer until September; so don't expect any updates!

12 July 2008

the-emz.com Official EMZ (USA) 1.31a

There is now a second "official" EMZ server, hosted in Washington DC for the US players. if you can't find it on the list.

25 Mar 2008

Forums Area Back Online

After a long while of downtime, the EMZ forums are now back online. You should be able to log in with your old username and password. If you have any problems, drop me an email.

They have been converted from Ikonboard 3.1 to phpbb 3.0; all posts should have been carried across ok but you will have lost any old PMs.

12 Aug 2007

Doom 3 on Steam

Looks like the "wrong version" issue on Steam has been resolved now. Nice :)

5 Aug 2007

id Software Games on Steam

All the id Software games from Doom 3 back are now available through Valve's Steam distribution system. There is currently a problem with the version of Doom 3 used by Steam (not compatible with "normal" 1.3.1 or any mods) but id Software are aware of the problem so I hope that will get sorted once Quakecon is over.
Hopefully once that is resolved there may be some new players in the Doom 3 world!

4 Aug 2007

GameFlood Results Announced

The GameFlood mod competition has announced the top three FPS mods. They were Project Reality (BF2), Follow Freeman (HL2) and Frag Ops (UT2K4). No joy for EMZ or OpenCoop :( but congrats to the other teams.

17 Jul 2007

GameFlood Voting is Closed

Assuming I have my timezone calculations correct the GameFlood public vote is complete. Thanks to those of you that voted for EMZ. We just about managed to stay in the top ten places so the judges will get to take a look at our work.
Congratulations to Nicemice and Klonsemann for getting OpenCoop into third place. Not bad to get two Doom 3 mods in the top ten when you consider the size of our community comapred to those of the BF2 and HL2.

2 Jul 2007

GameFlood Voting is Open

Voting has now started on the GameFlood site for their mod/map comperition. Please stop by and cast your vote for EMZ.

1 Jul 2007

Doom 3 1.3.1 Patch "More Official"

If you're still trying to convice server admins and clan mates that the 1.3.1 patch is ok you can now see a direct download link from the Doom 3 section of the id Software site.

1 Jul 2007

A New EMZ 1.31a Server!

eXg are at it again! Pun1sher has updated the CHI server to 1.31a - Woohoo!
[ ]

29 Jun 2007

A New Doom 3 MP Map!

Sabooya and Man0war over at eXg have created a new map for Doom 3! Nice to see someone still devoting time to our favourite game :). You'll need to register on the eXg site to download it. The EMZ game server will be updated with the map over the weekend, so don't be surprised if it downloads from there.

19 Jun 2007

Doom 3 In-Game Version Check Updated

id Sofware have updated the Doom 3 master server with details of the 1.3.1 patch release. Players using the "Check Updates" feature within the game are now redirected to the "zerowing D3 FAQ" site with some download info.
This is as about official as the 1.3.1 patch is going to get now, unfortunately, so don't expect to see it on doom3.com or idsoftware.com homepages.

14 Jun 2007

Doom 3 Cleanup Tutorial

A new tutorial on completely removing Doom 3 is now available. This is useful if you're having problems with the game and need a clean environment to reinstall on top of.

4 Jun 2007

GameFlood Competition

The GameFlood development community site is running a competition for mods and maps. EMZ is registered with GameFlood and we'd very much appreciate nominations and votes.

Mod or Map Name: EMZ (The Enhanced Militarized Zone)
For which game title: Doom 3
Link to mod or map: http://www.the-emz.com/
Developer email: simulation 'at' the-emz.com (replace 'at' with @ when entering)
Brief description: (can leave this blank)

Don't forget to check the "Please notify me when voting begins" box so you get reminder. Actual voting does not start until July 2nd.

1 Jun 2007

Development Blog

There is now a development blog so that people can see what should be coming up in the next major release of EMZ. Remember to check back every so often for new info!

6 May 2007

5.56mm FMJ 0.75 Release

Our friends over at FMJ have released a new version of their Doom 3 MP mod. Check it out here; it include some fantastic new weapons, maps and game modes.

3 May 2007

Downloads Page

A new downloads area is available where you can find Doom 3 patch files and SDK installers.

28 Apr 2007

Site Migration

This site, the forums and the auto-download for the official EMZ server have moved host. Any problems, please let us know.

15 Feb 2007


All our Doom 3 / EMZ tutorials now be found using the Tutorials link in the menu.

15 Feb 2007

EMZ 1.3 Updated to Build 1.31a

The following bugs have been fixed since the original release of EMZ 1.3.

  • Fixed random crash on map loading / map restarting
  • Fixed potential crash at end of game when emz_sv_save_results set to 2 or 3
  • Fixed "scoreboard over chat window" problem at end of game
  • Fixed potential memory leak when using Simple Lighting

The EMZ install packages have been updated with the new files. The official EMZ server has been updated to auto download the patch when players connect.

Server administrator should install the patch file which includes a list of the files required in the EMZ folder to run build 1.31a.

11 Feb 2007

EMZ 1.3 Problems?

If you experience any bugs or problems playing EMZ 1.3 please let us know via the forums. There is a thread already set up to post in.

10 Feb 2007

Doom 3 1.3.1 Patch Info

We've had questions from a few people about the Doom 3 1.3.1 patch either because they've had problems with the installer, running after they've installed or they just want to be able to run both Doom 3 1.3 and Doom 3 1.3.1.

So we've put together a patch info page with some tutorials on installing, dual installs, troubleshooting and switching back to 1.3.

Improved in 1.31

  • Two additional player models: bones and horns.
  • Additional "glow" skin set for when you really don't want to hide.
  • Grouped voting. Related settings can be voted on together instead of seperately. e.g. Frag Limit and Time Limit
  • Scoreboard can now be displayed even when the chat window is open.
  • Impact smoke. Since the Doom 3 1.1 patch release the impact smoke from the pistol, machinegun and chaingun has been missing. Now it's back, with a bright smoke option to really help you train that aim.
  • Shotgun is now a hitscan weapon, which eliminates the burst of data that the server used to send to all the players.
  • Plasma projectiles have much lower bandwidth requirements, so those firefights are much less laggy.
  • The footer text on the "message of the day" window can now be set by the server admin. It will alternate between the admin's choice and the EMZ site details.
  • Imrovements to "lost my turn" and "only one player" problems in Tourney. Perhaps not 100% fixed, but a whole lot better ;)
  • Changed player statistics netcode to only send when they are being displayed rather than in every frame for each player.
  • Netcode improvements to reduce the lag effect when entering a map area for the first time.
  • Autodownload is easier to manage. Instead of listing all PK4 files in net_serverDlTable you can simply set it to  "*" - just make sure you remember to upload all the files to the download host.
  • Removed console warnings caused by previous verions.
  • Player data saved on server always creates a backup file in case of corruption during save. Players who have no match history or have not played for a period of time can be purged.
  • Player data file is smaller.
2 Feb 2007

Doom 3 Patch Version 1.3.1 Released

id Software have today released a new patch for Doom 3. This is mainly a technical release to improve Windows Vista compatibilty and to realign the three platforms on which Doom 3 runs.

Fixes and updates in 1.3.1:

  • Tested and improved Vista compatibility
  • Fix a potential crash in physics
  • Fix an issue with pak downloaded being immediately appended without filesystem restart
  • Fixes to DNS lookup, reduced the stalls
  • Updated the code to gcc 4.0 compliance, for Mac OSX universal binaries and GNU/Linux x86 binaries
  • ading implementation for Mac and Linux is more compliant with the Win32 behaviours
  • Fix Alsa sound backend (Linux)
  • Fixes to tty code (Linux)

Fixes for modding/SDK:

  • Fix RevBitFieldSwap issue (affected only big endian platforms)
  • Fix ReadBindFromSnapshot
  • Verbose overflow check in idBitMsg::WriteBits and apply related fixes
  • Fix a GetFileList issue
  • Expose key states and button states to the game
  • Pass lastPredictFrame to the game (client prediction)
  • Pass HandleMainMenuCommands to the game
  • Pass the GUID to the game (in ClientConnect call)
  • Allow game to override gui load menu

Full details of the patch can be found in Timothee Besset's .plan.

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