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Work has started on the next release of EMZ. Keep an eye on this page for preview videos, screenshots and news - Sim.

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17 Jul 2007

More On Netdemos

Client-netdemo work is pretty much complete. Features pause, slowmo and fast forward. I've uploaded a new video (17MB, wmv).

12 Jul 2007

The Missing Doom 3 Feature

Even before the first release of EMZ people were asking for one specific feature. Well, work is under way to make it a reality. Check out the new video (9.5MB, wmv). More details to follow.

2 Jul 2007

Gameflood Voting is Open

Voting has now started on the GameFlood site for their mod/map comperition. Please stop by and cast your vote for EMZ.

28 Jun 2007

A Little Diversion

I've been helping the 5.56mm FMJ team merge their mod with the SABot source code. The SABot stuff is quite old and has been pretty much put on the backburner while TinMan is working on a Q4 version. But it's fun anyway.
Check out OneOfTheEightDevilz's movie of FMJ / SABot.

22 Jun 2007

How Bright?

I'm playing with some improved brightskin techniques that will keep the model detail even when in shadow and allow adjustable brightness.

7 Jun 2007

Updated Skin Chooser Movie

I've updated the new video of the skin chooser again today :) Enjoy!

1 Jun 2007

Skin Colour Chooser

In current EMZ releases you get a choice of nine colours for your player. With the next release of EMZ you'll be able to pick any RGB combination you like. Check this video for an early "work in progress" preview of the new chooser.

1 Jun 2007

Ambient Lighting

EMZ 1.31a introduced a "simple" lighting mode. There is now a proper "ambient lighting" feature in EMZ, pretty much like you see in Q4. Check out these comparison screenshots. The black areas of the "simple" mode are gone in the new modes. For performance FPS the best->worst is "ambient only", "simple", "dynamic" followed by "dynamic+ambient".

1 Jun 2007

Lockable Options

Lots of D3 server admins like the dark and shadowy feel of stock Doom 3. To accommodate this admins can now lock down which visual effect options a player is allowed to use when on their server, while still allowing people to benefit from the other EMZ features.

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