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Work has started on the next release of EMZ. Keep an eye on this page for preview videos, screenshots and news - Sim.

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24 December 2008

Running 1.3 Mods On 1.3.1

There have been many questions over the last couple of years about running mods created for 1.3 on 1.3.1. So I spent some time recently to write a little mini-mod that makes this happen. You can check out the details here

17 December 2008

Server Console

The dedicated server console for Windows has been pimped. Not only has it had a facelift but it can now be resized and positioned wherever you want it. You can also see at a glance if there are any players connected.

14 December 2008

Fall Damage

Added a new CVar today.


emz_sv_fall_damage_scale "1.0" // normal fall damage
emz_sv_fall_damage_scale "0.5" // 50% fall damage
emz_sv_fall_damage_scale "0" // no fall damage
emz_sv_fall_damage_scale "1.0 1.0 0.5" // normal fall damage for soft_fall/hard_fall and 50% for fatal_fall

23 October 2008

Doom 3 Version Checker Update

The version checker had a bug. It was supposed to tell you about PK files found in the wrong folder but this wasn't happening. The version fixes that. Thanks to {EWZ}Wisp for bringing this fault to my attention.

20 September 2008

Web Site

Not much time/inspiraion for in-depth coding at present, so I've started to give the website a bit of a makeover. Site and forums now have a common theme again. I'll be updating all the EMZ reference documentation; it was never updated properly after the 1.31a release so I really should get on top of things ready for incorporating the next lot of changes!

19 July 2008

Scoreboard Update

The scoreboard in 1.31a has been described as a little on the "large" side, so I've trimmed it down. It now sits at the foot of the screen and only takes as much room as needed by the number of players on the server.

18 July 2008

Weapon Accuracy Stats

Doh! Ingame stats were badly broken in 1.31a. For the next release they've changed back to EMZ 1.2 style display and can be displayed using a seperate keybind.

13 July 2008

Doom 3 Version Checker

I spend a reasonable amout of time helping people troubleshoot their D3 installs. So I've written an install checker to help when people have problems.

27 May 2008

Another "New" Face

Largely thanks to the persistence of oneofthe8devilz of the FMJ mod team a "new" but familiar face should be appearing on a server near you.

11 May 2008

Some New Faces

For some time I've wanted to add a few faces from the Doom 3 SP game into EMZ. Some of the characters are structually too different from the standard marine but I'm having a damn good go at hacking the humanoid guys into shape. Here is a sample of the works in progress. They're not perfect yet and some may not make the final release due to animation issues.

10 Apr 2008

Results Database "Beta" Update

The results database now contains all the matches ever recorded on the official EMZ server plus the matches since Jan 2008 from the eXg server. Thats more than 16,400 games!

An Elo based rating system has also been implemented. Check out the ratings for every player and an overview of the Elo system.

A few simple predefined searches have been added: most wins, most games and players who have quit early from more than one game.

1 Apr 2008

Results Database "Beta"

No, this isn't a joke entry for April Fools Day. Since EMZ 1.31a was released last year, the "official" server has quietly been logging match results for all the Tourney games played.

I finally got round to writing some processing tools and designing a database to hold it all in. It is still very much a 'work in progress' but I've uploaded a week or so's data for people to have a play with and see where I'm going with this.

Use the RESULTS link in the header bar at the top of the page, or click here.

22 Mar 2008

It's Alive!

Finally managed to get some EMZ time and have been working on the "impact" effects of the hitscan weapons. The smoke effect of the last EMZ release was not so great, so now I've done it "properly". Check out the new video to see what I mean.

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