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Work has started on the next release of EMZ. Keep an eye on this page for preview videos, screenshots and news - Sim.

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6 June 2009

More Model Work

I've been collaborating with oneofthe8devilz from the FMJ mod team quite a bit recently. Here is something cool we've managed to hack together...

25 April 2009

HUD Update

The next release will see a return to a single HUD system rather than the current EMZ/D3 choice. The old EMZ hud was a little 'over the top' for most purposes and was too cluttered. The new HUD is pretty much a rework of the standard one with a few simple tweaks; the most obvious being an ammo bar. You can still control the layout of the HUD with CVars which allow each element on the screen to be hidden or moved around.

11 January 2009

Message of the Day

You can now add much more info to the "message of the day" text. Any "serverInfo" CVar can be embedded so you can specify things like this...

set emz_sv_motd "We are currently playing {si_gameType} with a frag limit of {si_fragLimit} and a time limit of {si_timeLimit}."

which will give you the following in game...

10 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Not much to report yet this year, hoping to get some new work under way soon though.

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