6 Nov 2005

EMZ Version 1.21

This version of EMZ is the lastest version that supports Doom 3 version 1.3. We recommend that you use Doom 3 version 1.3.1 and EMZ 1.31


In previous versions of EMZ the features were mostly those that made server admins' lives better. With EMZ 1.2 the focus has been very much on features that a visible to the players. We think it rocks. We hope you do too.

You can find details on downloading, installing and running EMZ here.

The configuration guide for server administrators is here, with a complete CVar and command listing here.

There is also page which looks at how to set up Doom 3 PK4 file Auto Download.

gl & hf  -  Simulation , 3xH and M|keTmnT

Player Models, Skin Colours and Skin Types

EMZ provides additional player models in addition to the original marine model that came with Doom 3. You can choose to play using any one of nine colours for your player when playing EMZ, whichever model you choose.

In addition to this a skin set can be used to control how bright or dark players appear:

Default Bright Atom Stealth Metal

Players can vote within the game to change the skin set from the vote menu.

Administrators can set the allowed models for each team in team games (to set up military vs. civilians for example) and for all players non-team games (for balance in tournaments). In non-team games the allowed colours can also be specified.

[See Skin Sets]


In addition to the standard Doom 3 weapon setup EMZ allows "single weapon" modes of play, where all players have the same weapon. All weapon and ammo items in the map are replaced with ammo for the current weapon.

The new weapon modes are Flashlight Fandango, Knuckle Knockdown, Pistol Punishment, Shotgun Skirmish, Machinegun Murder, Chaingun Carnage, Hand Grenade Homicide, Plasma Plague, Rocket Riot, BFG Bloodbath, Chainsaw Carve Up, Shotgun Slaughter (RoE only) and Barrel Blitz (RoE only). Admins can fix the weapon mode or allow players to vote on them.

Golden Shot mode is a pistol based "InstaGib" mode.

When using the normal weapon mode server admins can set up which weapons the players start with and how much ammo they have.

Weapons can be configured to stay in place after a player picks them up. This encourages different styles of play where there is no point in camping at weapon spawn points because weapons are always available elsewhere.

There is now a vote option to have splash damage on or off.

In addition to this EMZ allows a "No Reload" mode of play where, as the name would imply, players don't have to reload their weapons. As long as they have ammo, they can keep blasting away. This option can now be voted on.

The plasmagun fires using the player's skin colour. If you have a powerup it fires "rainbow plasma".

[See Weapon Mode, Player Spawn Settings, Item Spawn Settings]

Clan Servers

It can be frustrating when your clan has gone to the expense of renting their own server only for the slots to always be full of public players.

With EMZ you can specify who the Admins and Clan Members are for your server. If the server is full when a player tries to join a priority system is used and someone is chosen to be kicked, if that is possible. The selected player will be informed of the reason for being kicked.

Being and Admin or a Clan Member also control who can call kick votes against you. Only Admins can call kick votes against Admins. Only Admins and Clan Members can call kick votes against Clan Members.

The scoreboard (not CTF) shows stars to show whether a player is an Admin or a Clan Member.

[See Admins and Clan Members]

Scoreboard and Accuracy Statistics

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil increased the scoreboard size to eight players. EMZ has done the same for standard Doom 3 as well. Below the scoreboard you can see statistics showing how accurate you are with each of the weapons.

The scoreboard shows additional information about each player. To the left of the name is a "muted" indicator (this can be disabled). The "ping" column has been renamed as "info" and shows the player's ping, their status on the server (gold star=admin, silver star=clan member) and their chosen flag. The scoreboard also displays the name of the clan that operates the server.

Think you got him in the head with that fatal shot? Now you can be sure with a skull icon showing in the top middle of the screen.

At the end of the game the stats for all players are printed to the console:

Server Information

Many of the server parameters can be viewed from the new "Info" menu:

Inactive Player Management

Ever been on a server where there is a player who has gone AFK and is holding the game up for everyone else? With EMZ this is addressed in a couple of ways. Inactive players can either be set to spectator mode or kicked from the server. As well as this EMZ servers will start the game when more than half the players are ready rather than everyone having to ready up. No more F3! F3! F3! spam.

Other players in a game can also vote a specified player in to spectate mode.

[See Inactive Players, Ready Up]

Player, Vote and Spam Control

Everyone hates spam. Especially when you're chasing down that last frag. Server admins can set up their servers to shut spammers up either on a temporary basis or permanently. And while the "voice chat" feature is funny the first time you hear it, it can get a little old. So admins can now block voice chat at the server and mute a player from using chat. Players can also chose to block all voicechat and to mute all chat from specific players.

Even with these controls there are some players you'd just rather not deal with. They can now be banned by the admin, again either temporarily or permanently.

Then there are the "compulsive democrats" - the players that just want to vote, vote, vote! Ever been playing a Tourney match when some muppet joins and calls a TDM vote over and again? Well EMZ allows admins to control player voting. After a set number of failed votes the player can't call any more votes.

On public servers you sometimes find them "hijacked" by a couple of selfish players who set the time limit to zero and the frag limit sky high, effectively stopping anyone else from playing. Admins can now set upper and lower limits on the time and frag votes.

For each gametype admins can set who is allowed to vote during a game: nobody, players only or everyone.

[See Spam Control, Vote Limiting, Banning]

Message of the Day

Servers can display a message to players when they join. Admins have control over the title text, message text, text size and can also specify different messages for new and returning players. This is handy for admin email addresses or a summary of server rules. Players can always redisplay the message using the M key.

[See Message of the Day]

Item Control

In competitive matches players often agree beforehand which items they will or will not use during a game; power-ups are usually the items up for discussion.

With EMZ the server admin can control which items (weapons, health, armour, powerups) are available within a map and what their respawn times are after they have been picked up. For example, you may want to disable the berserk power-up and alter the armour respawn time to 60 seconds.

Players can, if the admin allows, vote on enabling and disabling items and their respawn times.

Admins can also specify item replacements. For example you could replace the berserk powerup on The Edge 2 with a megahealth.

[See Item Spawn Settings]

Tourney Enhancements

EMZ maintains the Tourney queue between map changes and will wait until all players have rejoined the server before putting players in game.

Server admins can configure their servers so that if a player quits the server (or sets to spectate mode) then their opponent is given a forfeit win. This is reflected in their stats and keeps their place in-game instead of forcing them to the back of the line. A forfeit is only awarded if the remaining player was in the lead at the time the other player left.

[See Forfeits]

Death Messages

Doom 3 "out of the box" is a little dull where fragging is concerned: "Simulation was killed by 3xH" is about as exciting as things get. With EMZ you get all your old Q2 favourites and a bunch of new messages. Join a server and get fragging to see what we mean.

Field of View

Doom 3 has a default field of view of 90 and allows players to change the value to something in the range 90 to 110. EMZ extends this range from 70 to 130.

In competitive situations it may be a requirement that all players use the same value. This can be set and enforced on the server.

Field of view can be modified on the 'Options / Standard' screen within the multiplayer menus.

[See Field of View]


Some of us like to play Doom 3 without the gun model showing. This can be a disadvantage when you get the invisibility powerup as you have no idea when it is going to run out. Players can now see when they have the invisibility powerup - a spinning green icon is shown at the foot of the screen. For the last eight seconds this will pulse red.

With EMZ other players still see a ghostly silhouette when you are invisible, but now the body colour matches the player's chosen skin colour:

[See Settings for Players]

Key Binds

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil brought back that old favourite: the double barrel shotgun. In doing this the shotgun became a toggle weapon with the same key used for both. EMZ allows two key binds to be set up; one for the normal shotgun and another for the double barrel. If you want to retain the toggle feature you can, or you can disable it completely.

[See Shotgun Toggle]


EMZ incorporates new theme music by UK band Coerce (Diplomatic Etiquette Instrumental, special Doom 3 mix).

Midnight CTF

The Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil expansion pack has a "Midnight CTF" mode which doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. This allows players to play in close to total darkness either with or without a headlamp light.

[See Midnight CTF]


Admins can use per-map and per-gametype scripts to set up their servers. Scripts should be placed in an "emz/config" folder.

If, as a player, you want to run base and d3xp with different settings you can put commands in individual CFG files depending on which version you are running with (emz_base.cfg and emz_d3xp.cfg).

[See Map and Gametype Scripts]


Doom 3 has bugs. EMZ has bugs. As we find the causes, we'll fix them.

[See D3 Fixes, EMZ Fixes, Known Problems]

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