19 Sep 2008

EMZ Releases, Doom 3 Patches and Doom 3 Software Development Kit (SDK)

Below are links to the various patch and SDK files that have been published by id Software and Aspyr since the original release of the game. After the download table is a history of the Doom 3 releases, including the offical changelog where available.

Doom 3 v1.3.1 SDK EMZ
Windowsdownload   Windows SDKdownload   EMZ 1.31adownload  
Linuxdownload   Linux SDKdownload   EMZ 1.31adownload  
OS X (PPC/Intel)download   OS X SDKdownload   EMZ 1.31adownload  

Doom 3 v1.3A
OS X (PPC/Intel)download  

Doom 3 v1.3 SDK EMZ
Windowsdownload   Windows SDKdownload   EMZ 1.21download  
Linuxdownload   Linux SDKdownload   EMZ 1.21download  
OS X (PPC Only)download   OS X SDKn/a   EMZ 1.21download  

Doom 3 v1.1 SDK
Windowsdownload   Windows SDKdownload  
Linuxdownload   Linux SDKdownload  

Doom 3 v1.05 beta
Build    ChangeLog

Version 1.3.1 (Feb 2007)

This is the most recent - and almost certainly the last - Doom 3 patch to be released. It addresses Windows Vista compatibility, adds some useful features to the SDK for mod teams and fixes the PK4 incompatibility problem introduced on the Mac in the 1.3A release. All platforms are now interoperable and the SDK builds "out of the box" in all three environments :)

Build 1.3.1303

Version 1.3A (Feb 2006)

This was the first "Universal Binary" version of Doom 3 for the Mac. It allowed players to run the game on PPC and Intel Macs. Unfortunately it shipped with some game pak*.PK4 files that were not the same as the Windows and Linux versions so this meant that Mac players using this version could not join a Windows or Linux pure server.

Build 1.3.1302    ChangeLog

Version 1.3 (May/July 2005)

This patch was the first to be released publicly for download after Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil became available. The patch is for the normal game and the expansion pack with support for both in the SDK.

The requirement to have the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive was removed at this time. PunkBuster anti-cheat software was integrated with this build.

Build 1.2.1287    ChangeLog

Version 1.2 (Feb 2005)

This patch was distributed with the Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil expansion pack. If you wish to create RoE mods you should upgrade to either 1.3 or 1.3.1. There was no public download release of the 1.2 patch or SDK.

Builds 1.1.1282 and 1.1.1286    ChangeLog

Version 1.1 (Sep/Nov 2004)

This was the first point release patch for Doom 3. The final Linux 1.1 patch was build 1286. This was an "engine only" change for Linux and did not require a protocol change or any SDK changes. It is interoperable with 1.1.1282 versions.

At this time the SDK was made available to allow gamecode based modifications. There were two versions of the SDK for use with 1.1; the "final" version is listed below. If you want to look at the original SDK release you can download it by clicking here.

Build 1.0.1279    ChangeLog

Version 1.05 Beta (Sep 2004)

This beta patch was used to try out initial fixes and also made r_skipNewAmbient, r_skipSpecular, r_skipBump, and r_shadows cheat protected. That wasn't popular and never made it into the actual 1.1 release.

Build 1.0.1262

Version 1.0 (Oct 2004)

Initial release of Doom 3.

Developing mods with the Doom 3 SDK

The 1.3.1 SDKs as packaged here are ready for compilation using the following tools:

  • Windows: Visual C++ 2002
  • Linux: g++ 4.0 and Scons 0.96
  • Mac: XCode 2.4.1

Previous SDKs as packaged here are ready for compilation using the following tools:

  • Windows: Visual C++ 2002
  • Linux: g++ 3.3 and Scons 0.96

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

If you are a user of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe you may wish to download this ZIP file, which contains a VSS database of the four publicly released versions of the SDK.
The latest version is in "$\baseline". Four labels have been applied at this level, one for each of the SDK releases. A "shared and pinned" snapshot of each release has also been created under "$" for ease of browsing.

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